Something About The Troubles

by Bright Lights Apart

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released March 16, 2014

Bright Lights Apart is

Miles T: vox, guitar, additional programming
Boniz: drums
Toma: bass

All music and lyrics written by Miles T.

Produced by Miles T.
Programming and additional arrangements by Alberto Pasini
Drums recorded by Pablo Davilla at Putrefashion Studio (IT)
All other instruments recorded by Miles T in different ugly places of north Italy.

Mixed by Miles T.
Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio (Nashville, TN)

Artwork by Cikas,




Bright Lights Apart Rovigo, Italy

Bright Lights Apart is a container for experiments. It is a projects where the production is a game having people who put sounds together with different approaches and different visions. Electronic, sampling, traditional instruments and a constant push toward new solutions. ... more

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Track Name: Toys in ruin
The light of the lamp is a bother for the eyes
In the mouth an awful taste is a soul who wants to die
Holographic broadcasts shine with dark light
The rays pierce the skin and it hurts deep inside

Your favorite whore
Is calling you right now
How do you feel while
Your toy is breaking down
Like a naive moth you are flying around the light where everything is bright
But can’t you see these colors little by little are fading away

Driving fast in downtown I can see the core
Where everybody is building up their personal gold crown
Imaginary boxes contain delicious sweets
The game is to fill your wonderful decay

There are thorns inside
that take my breath away
Can somebody share his pain?
And maybe together we’ll fade away...
Track Name: A smile for...
You are a restless soul
And you run
In the line
Between life and death

(And when) the worlds are so close
You don’t think about it
Running fast is life
Is what you need to feel alive
And when you feel
Your power’s strong
All the shadows
Will fade away

When life seems to be so beautiful
You don’t wanna see behind the corner
A hooligan could steal your fun
But you don’t care of what it could be
You can save yourself or burn fast
Just ride at the edge of life
Track Name: Spaces and light
Empty spaces are filled with unspoken words
bringing all the frailties that make us insecure
when the other side of the bed is empty
the cold flows inside and the silence is so loud

A light explosion will break down all the walls
that keep us apart
we'll see the flowers after rain
in the world we built together

Why we have to smile while our life is wrong
deceiving ourselves about open wounds
if I could see your sadness I would stay by your side
and close to your hearth I would clean the dirt away
Track Name: Sidewalk's flower
The clouds are gray today
The streets are getting dark
Wherever you look around
You find only dirty walls

Walking in narrow lanes
Looking for the vanished light
A lonely flower on the sidewalk
Is like a new found spark

When you’re sad
You have to say these words:

“you gotta find your secret place
A light you keep inside of you
There’s a flower inside your hearth
And let it grow”

Some days the air is so clear
The beauty’s unfolded
Looking at the sky you can see
The light that’s going away

Walking in narrow lanes
Looking for the vanished light
The night is wearing her best outfit
The stars light my way in this town

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