As Everything Falls Apart

by Bright Lights Apart

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Indietronica, electro indie | Pop nihilistic music


released February 6, 2016

Produced by Miles.t
Arranged by Miles.t, S.Slug and Bright Lights Apart
Vocals and guitars – Miles.t
Programming – Miles.t, S.Slug
Bass – Toma
Drums – Mimmo
Additional programming on track 2 and 6 by Alberto Pasini
Additional vocals on track 6 by Toma, Max Canazza and Davide Dallagà

Recorded at B.L.A.'s Basement Room, Lendinara, Italy
Engineered and mixed by Miles.t
Mastered by Ugo Bolzoni at New Frontiers Studio, Rovigo, Italy

Photography – Maikel Bononi




Bright Lights Apart Rovigo, Italy

Bright Lights Apart is a container for experiments. It is a projects where the production is a game having people who put sounds together with different approaches and different visions. Electronic, sampling, traditional instruments and a constant push toward new solutions. ... more

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Track Name: Me and you somewhere
I wish you were my pretty queen
but I've to deal with my bad luck
I've lost the way that leads ahead
so far away from you

You know that living is so hard
it's like I'm always at the front
in a war I've never understood
I haven't…

But in this journey you don't have
to forget the reason why
I keep on running this race
And when I try to find the way
please don't stop to play your game
because my steps get stronger

A daily struggle for a place
where we can stand on the top of the world
even if the path in front of us
is so unclear

But when I see you laughing loud
I take a pics of what I see
I have to find the way to
make it happen
Track Name: I'm getting angry
Can you see who owns your life
and your weird behavior?
There’s something wrong today but
your rebel soul is so strong

You’re ready for your empty great war
where are you pointing your gun?
In this paradise of plastic pleasures
everything is so confused

Where did you buy your vapid life?
All the shoppers in the streets
Don’t you like the price you pay?

If you want to see through
all this mess
try these brand-new glasses
with special lenses

Where did you buy your vapid life?
All the shoppers in the streets
Don’t you like the price you pay?

What a trouble
your glasses don’t work
say goodbye to
all the falling illusions
Track Name: Idiots in the mirror
Oh god! An idiot in the mirror
is he a reflection of me?
Hey dude! What the fuck you're doing?
Don't play with me today

Today I got out from
the wrong side of the bed
I'm starting to think
about the universe
all the disposable toys
are building up a big army
of beautiful lemmings

wonderful lemmings...

As you stand on the top
what do you think you are getting
you...useless boy
I feel I can't be so grieved
something has died inside
this makes me laugh

Searching my body for a sign
a hole that proves the needle's track
Fuck off! The decay has raised up
its middle finger to me
Track Name: Broken glasses
Broken glasses in the room
thousands pieces of myself
small fairies of the mirror
dance in front my eyes
visions of joy like white lights
under a dirty black rain

All the things I owned
have gone away with the wind
tonight’s falling down
a sad rain of fairies' tears

Black birds in the sky
waiting for our souls
in the city the wind blows
shadows over the roofs
dust and flowers over the
graves of living ghosts
Track Name: Grey colors in the morning
Waking up in the morning
I see today is going to rain
this fascinating light
gives the city a brighter guise

What are you complaining about?
Don't you feel the smell of the streets
when the rain hits the ground
hits your skin
and you feel alive

The wind is carrying all the leaves
their party has already started
they're all dancing through the air
I wish I could capture the sound
Track Name: Brand new riot broadcast
All the people out there
with all their faces very dull
everybody is listening to
their favorite distraction

they are loosing control

Following the flow
without realizing where they're going
it's time to turn on the radio
you will hear things you never heard before

a brand new rebel broadcast
for you

The soundwaves are crawling
upon the lonely people
this song you will play
as you rise your fist without regrets

Up to you
to fight against the lies
that make you blind
Up to you
to fight against the lies
that blind you

every time you think
about what's going on
you will find your key
to open a hidden room
and get new answers
to make out this world
defeating all the noise

The soundwaves are crawling out above you
Track Name: As everything falls apart
It’s very hard to fall asleep at night
when in your head you’ve got a deep wide hole
and all the dirt of the world is waiting
to penetrate straight inside your mind

And you realize all the steps
you took toward your failure
except for a funny thing
I have become the king who stands on the pig’s heads

Sitting on my throne
the world is a dying land
and everything becomes so ironic

What happens to a mind
when the scorn corrodes the heart
and everything becomes so ironic?

As an actor I am playing myself
Can the smile reveal the joy one day...?

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